Organic Waste Converter

Are you looking for organic waste converter? Stop searching. Nachiket Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is best ISO certified Company for organic waste converter machine.Prominent & Leading Manufacturer, supplier from Pune, Maharashtra India. We offer Nachiket Automatic Organic Waste Converter, Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter, and Batch Type Organic Waste Converter at best cost
Our Products (organic waste converter) are custom designed and meet the composting needs of variety of industry ranging from small scale to large industries.

1>Automatic Organic Waste Converter:

Introducing India’s first most advanced, compact and fully Automated Organic Waste Converter

Model NoCapacityMachine Dimension (ft)Power Rating
NCH2525 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH5050 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH100100 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH200200 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH300300 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH500500 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH700700 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH850850 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH10001000 kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
Above 1000 kg Contact us

Operational features of Automatic Organic Waste Converter Machine:

• Fully Automatic
• Very low OPEX
• Continuous Composting
• 80-90% volume reduction
• Stainless Steel Tank, Life of 20+ yrs
• No foul smell, no rats/ insects/flies
• Overload function-Machine comes to a halt in case of overload
• Composts all types of food including Chicken and Fish bones, Egg shells etc.
• Low Noise
• Very good aesthetics
• Low Floor space/ Compact
• Part time Labor/ process handling
• No Pathogens, safe for human handling
• Commercials: Ownership/Hire purchase models
• Indicators are provided for Power mode, heater & power saving mode
• Internal mixing blades automatically stop when compost removal door is opened.

2>Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter

We have a vast experience from our many installations and can make sure that the whole chain, from food waste to compost, works as smoothly and simple as possible.

Approx. Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Piece

Minimum Quantity.1 Piece
Minimum Quantity.1 Piece
Capacity25 Kg – 2500 Kg / Day
Type of WasteFood waste disposer
Power SourceElectric
Volume ReductionUp to 65 – 70 %
Working Principle3R ( Reduce, Recycle & Reuse )
Treatment Capacity25 Kg to 5000 Kg
Usage/ApplicationConverts Any Kind of Organic Waste into Compost

3>Batch Type Organic Waste Converter:

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Pune, we offer organic waste converter – nachiket’s semi automatic batch composting.

Approx. Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Piece

Power Rating6.5 Kw
Length2300 mm
Width1100 mm
Available Capacity25 – 5000 Kg / Day
Volume ReductionUp to 50$%
Working Principle3R Principle (Reduce, Recycle & Reuse )

Model of Batch Type Organic Waste Converter:

Process Description of Organic Waste Converter System (OWC)
The organic waste from the houses, establishments, canteens/restaurants in general contains food waste from the pre-cooking operation and post cooking remnant or excess food.
N15252 HP2 x 2
N15502 HP2 x 2
N15752 HP2 x 2
N151002 HP2 x 2
N151802 HP3x 3
N30200 3.5 HP3x 4
N30250-300 3.5 HP3x 4
N30400-450 3.5 HP3x 5
N50500 5 HP5x5
N50600 5 HP5x6
N50700 5 HP 7 x 5
N75750-800 5 HP 10 x 4
N75 900 5 HP 13 x 4
N75 1000 5 HP 15 x 4
N100 1200 6 HP 10x 6
N100 1400 6 HP 11x 8
N150 1600 9 HP 14x 8
N150 1800 9 HP 16x 8
N200 2400 12 HP 20x 20