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We have a vast experience from our many installations and can make sure that the whole chain, from food waste to compost, works as smoothly and simple as possible.

Compost and composting

Composting is an aerobic process (Oxygen needs to be present) by bacteria and other micro-organisms that breaks down any type of organic waste into soil. To work properly, the right quantities and proportions of Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen need to be provided, and as a result you obtain a rich, safe and fully mature compost that can be used without any further mix for potting, agriculture and gardening.

The most important change triggered by composting is the transformation of Nitrogen into different molecules, in order:

  • Ammonium (NH4+)
  • Nitrites (NO2-)
  • and finally, Nitrates (NO3-) which are absorbed by plants and animals.

Mature compost is chemically stable and is recognized as an exceptional soil fertilizer and conditioner of great use for improving soil water retention and prevents desertification.

  • Ekta 2 ton Auto Composter
  • Ekta 2 ton Auto Composter
  • Army Training School, Mhow
  • Mahindra Susten Ltd. - 100kg/day
  • Sai Sanskruti - Wagholi - 200kg/day
  • Waste Squeezer
  • Waste Squeezer
  • Reliance Nagpur installation - 100kg/day

Overview of organic waste converter

We specialize in offering a wide array of Organic Waste Converter that is used for aerobic decomposition of the material. It has a rotating horizontal agitator on which tumbler is attached and waste food is poured. This agitator mixes and throws the waste in the chopper that rotates at high speed, thus provides adequate amount of oxygen, temperature and moisture that promotes the growth of aerobic microbes. We provide this converter in various sizes & models and specifications. Clients can avail our offered converter from us at an affordable price.

Tumbler with chopper-agitator assembly :

Made out of stainless steel, the design ensures sufficient turning of the material for complete

aerobic decomposition. Food waste inserted into the tumbler falls onto a rotating horizontal agitator.

The agitator mixes and throws the waste onto the chopper which rotates at a high rpm. This unique mixing and shredding combination provides optimum supply of oxygen, temperature and moisture promoting the growth of aerobic microorganisms.

The temperature inside the system rises to 55 to 85 0C removing all the foul odour of the waste. Moisture content is maintained between 75-80% to prevent drying in the microzones caused by aeration in the process chambers. At the end of one cycle of 17 minutes, the resulting mixture is a light brown colored pre–compost ready for curing.

Transfer Trolley

The resulting pre-compost is emptied into crates, put on the stainless steel transfer trolley and taken for loading into fogging and curing system.

Fogging and curing system

A rack system to put crates of pre-compost. Pre-compost is kept for 5-7 days with intermittent spraying of water mist required to speed up the composting process as well as pH correction of the pre-compost.


Waste is inserted into the hopper and macerated by an integral grinder before being ejected into the process chamber.

Once in this chamber, the waste is aerated and mixed with the incoming fresh waste by a newly-developed mixing technique.

The ripening chamber is, of course, equipped with an independent mixing system. Independently controlled chamber ensures the best possible results in the most hygienic conditions.

Specifications of organic waste converter

  • The temperature inside the system rises to 55 to 85 °C removing
  • All the foul odour of the waste
  • Moisture content is maintained between 75-80% to prevent drying
  • The microzones caused by aeration in the process chambers
  • At the end of one cycle of 17 minutes, the resulting mixture
  • A light brown colour pre–compost ready for curing
  • Total Organic Carbon: 41.93%
  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: 3.13%
  • C.N ratio= 13.38:1
  • N:P:K= 3.13 : 3.14 : 1.70
  • PH: 7.8


  • Different models for different requirements
  • Specific chamber and agitator design for different waste
  • Manual as well as automatic models available


  • Reduced haulage and landfill tipping fees
  • Revenue from the sale of recyclables
  • Protection from insect and rodent infestations
  • Reduction of fire hazards
  • Improved community relations

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