Organic Waste Converter

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Prominent & Leading Manufacturer, Supplier from Pune, Maharashtra India. We offer Nachiket Automatic Organic Waste Converter, Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter, and Batch Type Organic Waste Converter at the best cost.

Our Products (organic waste converter) are custom designed and meet the composting needs of a variety of industries ranging from small scale to large industries.

Why choose Nachiket Group

  • India’s No.1 Composting System
  • 1 year warranty
  • 48 hour response
  • The trust of Nachiket Group

Specification of the Organic Waste Converter

  • The temperature inside the system rises to 55 to 85 °C removing
  • All the foul odour of the waste
  • Moisture content is maintained between 75-80% to prevent drying
  • The microzones caused by aeration in the process chambers
  • At the end of one cycle of 17 minutes, the resulting mixture
  • A light brown color pre–compost ready for curing
  • Total Organic Carbon: 41.93%
  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: 3.13%
  • N ratio= 13.38:1
  • N:P:K= 3.13 : 3.14 : 1.70
  • PH: 7.8
organic waste converter

Features of the Organic Waste Converter

  • Different models for different requirements
  • Specific chamber and agitator design for different waste
  • Manual as well as automatic models available


Advantages of the Organic Waste Converter

  • Reduced haulage and landfill tipping fees
  • Revenue from the sale of recyclables
  • Protection from insect and rodent infestations
  • Reduction of fire hazards
  • Improved community relations

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