Waste Converter

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Waste Converter

A waste converter is a machine which used for the remedy and recycling of strong and liquid refuse material. A waste converter is a self-contained method capable of performing the following capabilities:

  • Pasteurization of natural waste
  • Sterilization of pathogenic or biohazard waste
  • Grinding and pulverization of refuse into unrecognizable output
  • Trash compaction
  • Dehydration

Considering that of the broad style of services available on waste converters, this technology has found utility in numerous waste-producing industrial segments. The important Places for waste conversion are clinics, supermarket, airports, sea vessels and municipal waste facilities.

We manufacture and supply the all types of Organic Waste Converter like Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter and Batch Type Organic Waste Converter.

  1. Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter

We Introducing India’s first most advanced, compact and fully Automated Organic Waste Converter.

Operational features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Composts all types of food including Chicken and Fish bones, Egg shells etc.
  • Low Noise
  • Part time Labor/ process handling
  • 80-90% volume reduction
  • Very low OPEX
  • Low Floor space/ Compact
  • No Pathogens, safe for human handling
  • No foul smell, no rats/ insects/flies
  • Very good aesthetics
  • Continuous Composting
  • Stainless Steel Tank, Life of 20+ yrs
  • Commercials: Ownership/Hire purchase models
  • Overload function-Machine comes to a halt in case of overload
  • Indicators are provided for Power mode, heater & power saving mode
  • Internal mixing blades automatically stop when compost removal door is opened.
Micro-organisms in our incubator feed on the organic matter and convert it into compost. Critical factors like temperature, moisture, and oxygen are optimized for the bacteria to thrive and compost the organic/food waste at a very fast pace.
  • Moisture and temperature are automatically regulated using sensors at the bottom of the tank whenever organic waste is added.
  • Fully aerobic digestion is facilitated by the periodic and intermittent rotation of the mixing blades (no crushing/grinding) to maximize microbe activation.
  • The actual decomposition is done by our special ‘thermophilic’ microorganisms which thrive in high temperature & high acidic or salty atmospheres.
  • The composted manure goes back as manure for our garden and farm feeds.
  • Composting method Micro-organisms based natural composting
  • Treatable items: Vegetables, Fish, bread, curry, roti, meat, animal bones, garden waste & other compostable organic biomass
  • Untreatable items: Metal waste, plastic, glass, big bones, large shells, petrochemicals, stones
  • Processing time Most organic items are composted in 24 – 48 hours
  • Removal of compost required once in 8 to 10 days. Though compost is formed in 24-48 hours, such prolonged processing helps in maturing.
  • Use of output can be used in Gardens directly, after mixing with soil in 1:10 ratio, must be matured if used in farms for food.
  • Leach ate/water discharge None
  • Gas discharges No harmful discharge; only water vapor.

Composter Model

Model No.CapacityMachine Dimension in FtPower Rating
NCH2525 Kg3 x 2.30 x3.452.47 kW
NCH5050 Kg3.28x 2.63 x 4.103.47 kW
NCH100100kg4.60x 2.95 x 4.454.97 kW
NCH200200kg5.90 x 3.28 x 4.768.30 kW
NCH300300kg7.22 x 3.60 x 5.0811.1 kW
NCH500500kg9.85 x 4.26 x 5.7515.1 kW
NCH700700kg12.48 x 4.93 x 6.4019.65 kW
NCH850850kg14.4 X 5.73 X 8.2024.1 kw
NCH10001000kg16.4 x 6.6 x 9.8328.25 kw

Other features:

  • Provided with waste overload function
  • Indicators for power mode heater and power saving mode
  • Stainless steel(ss304) shaft and mixing blades
  • Safety feature- internal mixing blades automatically stop when hopper door is opened(in auto mode)
  • Can be run in auto mode or manual mode
  • Internal shaft turns and sends out the compost, when the compost door is opened
  • Doors Separate door for waste input and separate door for compost removal
  • Preferred location for installation Can be a garden, area adjacent to garden, car park, preferably with a connection to the drainage.
  • Warranty 1 year with manufacturer’s warranty. Extended warranty also with AMC

2. Batch Type Organic Waste Converter

The organic waste from the houses, establishments, canteens/restaurants in general contains food waste from the pre-cooking operation and post cooking remnant or excess food. The organic waste is inspected for contamination like metal, glass, stone, plastic etc and segregated, then fed into the container of OWC. . If the material has more moisture content which can be seen by visual observation, then saw dust absorbing media is added into the container up to 30% of the weight of the waste depending on the moisture content in the waste. The odor control powder along with composting enzymes is added at the dosage rate of 10 gm per kg of waste.


N15252 HP2 x 2
N15502 HP2 x 2
N15752 HP2 x 2
N151002 HP2 x 2
N151802 HP3x 3
N302003.5 HP3 x 4
N30250 – 3003.5 HP3 x 4
N30400 – 4503.5 HP3 x 5
N505005HP5 x 5
N506005HP5 x 6
N507005HP7 x 5
N75750-8005HP10 x 4
N759005HP13 x 4
N7510005HP15x 4
N10012006HP10x 6
N200240012HP20 x 20
N250300015HP30 x 30
N300360018HP35 x 35
N400420020HP50 X 50
N500500025HP60 X 60

Application Waste Converter:

  • Clinics,
  • Supermarket,
  • Airports,
  • Sea vessels
  • Municipal waste amenities
  • Ports
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Hospitals, etc.

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