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Nachiket Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is born to provide simple solutions & technologies.

Our range of products include Green Waste Processor composting machine.

Introducing India’s first maximum advanced, compact and completely Automated Green Waste Processor.

We recognise that most of our city waste is an organic waste. By a rough estimate, 70% part of urban garbage is natural. It may be classified in distinct classes, but the truth stays that it’s far natural and subsequently bio-degradable. A picture of fundamental organic wastes at distinct locations is given beneath:

  • Kitchen waste at residential societies
  • Dry branches and leaves at parks and gardens
  • Perishing vegetables at vegetable market
  • Flower waste at temples
  • Food leftovers at accommodations and canteens

Green Waste Processor advanced via Clean India Ventures. It has received accolades for the innovation of the year, and lots of Green Waste Processor are correctly working at one-of-a-kind locations. After reprocessing of waste, it produces a small amount of delicate derivative that is packed in one or two kilos or larger sachets and can be applied to beautify the fertility of the soil.

This by-product is an ordinary biomass which may be brought to soil to boom its fertility over a time period. The makers of Green Waste Processor have named the by-product as ‘Earth  Life’ which enlivens the fertility of soil via composting itself inside the touch of soil over a time period.

The machine is straightforward to install , function and hold  is self sustainable – instead worthwhile inside the lengthy  run. The organisation is operating an numerous fashions to reprocess green waste ,vegetable mandi waste , temple west and natural waste.

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