Batch Type Organic Waste Converter

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Process Description of Organic Waste Converter System (OWC)


The organic waste from the houses, establishments, canteens/restaurants in general contains food waste from the pre-cooking operation and post cooking remnant or excess food.The organic waste is inspected for contamination like metal, glass, stone, plastic etc and segregated, then fed into the container of OWC. . If the material has more moisture content which can be seen by visual observation, then saw dust absorbing media is added into the container upto 30% of the weight of the waste depending on the moisture content in the waste. The odour control powder along with composting enzymes are added at the dosage rate of 10 gm per kg of waste.

It is a mixed, aerated & agitated and crushed for 10 minutes. Then container of the OWC is opened and observations are noted. Then the lid of the container is closed and again the OWC is operated for 5 minutes.After the completion of 15 minutes, the system will stop automatically. The lid is then opened and the processed material is observed. If it is turned to granular free flowing material, then lid is closed and the system is restarted. The bottom valve is opened for draining of the material. The material is collected in the trolley placed underneath of OWC System.

For maturing and curing the compost, the material from the trolley is shifted in the crates which have perforation for aeration and then the crate is placed in the curing system. Depending on the waste generation capacity, number of curing systems has to be proposed. Single Curing System has 100 kg/day capacity whereas Double Curing System has 200 kg/day capacity. After 8 – 10 days curing period, the material from the tray can be used for application to the plants or any other mode of usage of manure in the agriculture. In order to make the granular texture of the material, it is advisable that before using the organic manure from the crates, it should be passed through the OWC System for one minute – 5 minutes.

If you have waste from garden containing pruning’s and small branches of the trees upto 2 cm diameter and/or bones, will be required to pass through Shredder before it is placed into the OWC.


N15252 HP2 x 2
N15502 HP2 x 2
N15752 HP2 x 2
N151002 HP2 x 2
N151802 HP3x 3
N302003.5 HP3 x 4
N30250 – 3003.5 HP3 x 4
N30400 – 4503.5 HP3 x 5
N505005HP5 x 5
N506005HP5 x 6
N507005HP7 x 5
N75750-8005HP10 x 4
N759005HP13 x 4
N7510005HP15x 4
N10012006HP10x 6
N200240012HP20 x 20
N250300015HP30 x 30
N300360018HP35 x 35
N400420020HP50 X 50
N500500025HP60 X 60

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