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What is an organic waste converter?

An organic waste converter is a machine employed for the processing and recycling of solid and semi-liquid waste material. A converter is an independent machine capable of executing the functions: grinding and shredding of refuse into granulated output; waste compaction and desiccation. Due to its decentralized nature, it can provide a clean environment and hygienic living condition to city neighborhoods by reducing the quantity of waste at source.
Co-operative societies, Hospitality industry, municipal waste facilities, big farms, supermarkets, and airports are the primary beneficiaries of at source management of solid waste.

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Organic Waste Converters – An affordable way to curb garbage

“1” electrical unit can heat the 10kg of water to evaporate. India generates over 6 crore tons of waste every year, of which 60% is organic waste suitable to make compost. About 10% of this is being treated at the origin, which left us with nearly 3.2 crore tons of organic waste to be treated. Even if forced drying machines implied to treat 30% of this, i.e. 1crore tons, they’d end up using 1 billion units of electricity. At 8 US cents a unit, this amounts to an electricity bill of $80 million ~ 500 crores for every year.

Why Organic Waste Converters are the urge of time!

Do you saw the Pixar-Disney made, “WALL-E” movie (if you not you should!), where future earth’s surface is littered with the mountains of garbage!!! And habitats (i.e. humans) of earth had to flee to space for long never-ending space-travel without any sight of seeing of earth for generations! And no one can deny this fact today that we’re building these so-called “mountains” and we should unease of this fact.

But how can fight back to this problem?

The first thing that comes to mind that is we should produce less of this garbage that we producing like a mass production line mindlessly![India generates 62 million tons of waste every year, of which less than 60% is collected and around 15% processed. With landfills ranking third in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in India.] [Maharashtra generates 82.38 lakh metric tons (MT) of waste every year or 22.5k MT waste a day, of which of only 44% are being treated.] The problem is that we aren’t giving enough attention to the root problem of waste generating main sources which can be solved with simple solutions like organic waste converter which accelerates the natural process of decomposing with added humidity and avoiding bad smells that all we dislike from the gut!
With rapid urbanization of Indian cities which are adding more citizens to their urban areas which generating a massive amount of garbage.

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